JACET関西支部 ESP研究会


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  2. スポンサー広告

October 20th Meeting ESP Kansai (会場・開始時間ご注意ください)

Dear ESP Kansai ML members,

We hope you had a great summer break.
Now you must be busy with your fall classes.

Our October meeting will be held on October 20th
at Campus Plaza Kyoto, within easy reach of
JR Kyoto station.

Very appealing report will be presented by
Ms. Tsuchiya, who works for the Japanese arm of
the Swiss-based global leader in the fragrance
and flavour industry, Givaudan.

We are also planning to continue examining
the book "Developing Courses in English for
Specific Purposes." In this meeting, we are going
to read "English for the Police", pp. 71-87,
in Part II "Case Studies in ESP Course Development."

Please see below for details and confirm your
participation by sending an email to
terui[AT]kindai.ac.jp by October 13.

We hope to see many of you at the meeting!

Best regards,

Kansai ESP SIG Administration

桐村亮/Ryo Kirimura (Ritsumeikan University)
照井雅子/Terui Masako (Kinki University)

ESP研究会関西支部 第3回研究会のご案内
The 3rd Meeting of JACET Kansai Chapter ESP SIG

日時: 2012 年10月20日(土)13:30-16:30
Date: October 20, 2012 13:30-16:30

場所: キャンパスプラザ京都 6階 第一講習会室 
Venue: Room 1, 6th Floor
Campus Plaza Kyoto


1. 13:30-14:30 研究発表(Presentation)
  45-minute presentation/15-minute discussion)

Business English Training Needs in Japanese
Manufacturing Industry: Focusing on ESP Needs Analysis

土屋舞/Mai Tsuchiya
ジボダンジャパン株式会社/Givaudan Japan K.K
資材管理チーム デマンドプランナー
Planning Team Demand Planner

<5-minute Break>

2. 14:35-15:35
(輪読 60分, Examining the book "Developing
Courses in English for Specific Purposes")

"English for the Police", pp. 71-87, in Part II
"Case Studies in ESP Course Development"

成田修司/Shuji Narita
大阪大学/Osaka University

<5-minute Break>

3. 15:40-16:30 
ESP Kansai activities forward & Information exchanges
(Light refreshments offered)
JACET-JALT ESP Symposium in NAIST on Sept.
 JACET Kansai 40-year aniversary journal "For the next decade"
 JACET Kansai ESP SIG Lecture to be held on October 2013

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