JACET関西支部 ESP研究会

ESP関西 2015年度第1回研究会のご案内

日時: 2015年4月25日(土) 14:00-17:00
場所: 近大会館 4F第5会議室 http://www.kindai.ac.jp/about-kindai/campus-guide/kinki-univ-hall/
1) 開会の挨拶 
2) 2014年度野口ジュディ先生ワークショップのまとめと謝辞
3) 研究発表 名和俊彦先生(関西大学) 英語語法研究から見たESP教育の「ジャンル」
4) 実践報告 照井雅子先生(近畿大学) 理工系学部3年生対象のESP授業の試み ―ジャンル分析とムーブ分析を手がかりとして―

Dear JACET ESP-Kansai ML members,
We have two important announcements for the new academic year: 2015.

(1) At our meeting on February 16, the new board members for the academic year 2015 were decided.
Chair: Naomi Backes-Kamimura (Kinki University)
Vice Chairs: Keiko Hattori(Kinki University) and Sizuyo Asai(Ritsumeikan University)
We would like to express our gratitude to our ex-Chair, Masako Terui of Kinki University, for her two-year service as the head of our SIG and ask her for continuing support.

(2) The 2015 JACET ESP Kansai meeting schedule is as follows:
1) April 25 (Sat.) at Kindai Kaikan near Niponbashi Station
2) July 18 (Sat.) (TBA)
3) October 10 (TBA)
4) December 12 (TBA)
5) February 27 (TBA)

As always, we appreciate your support and ask you for the same continuing support and participation this year.

We look forward to sharing with you many ideas and applications on ESP.

The 1st Meeting of JACET Kansai Chapter ESP SIG
Date: April 25th, 2015  14:00-17:00
Venue: Room 5, 4th floor, Kindai-Kaikan Hall
1) Opening Remarks
2) 2014 Workshop Review
3) Research Presentation: Toshiyuki Nawa (Kansai University)
4) Classroom Report: Masako Terui ( Kindai University) An ESP-driven class for 3rd-year students in the Faculty of Science and Engineering through genre and move analyses


ESP研究会関西支部/Kansai ESP SIG Administration

上村バッケス尚美/ Naomi Backes-Kamimura (近畿大学)
服部圭子/Keiko Hattori (近畿大学)
浅井静代/ Shizuyo Asai (立命館大学)
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